Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swim Caps That CAN Keep Hair Dry

Impossible task! Find a swim cap that can actually keep your hair dry when swimming.
Well for many swimmers its mission possible. Heres how. You will need two swim caps a inner cap and a outer cap. The inner cap should be silicon. Slip it on, Does it cover you ears all the way? If it does your ready for the next step, if not take a pair of sissors and cut a small amount off the top of the cap. Stright across. Slip it on and see if now it covers the ears. If not cut a little more off. Your cut off cap is now a "swim band"

The next step: You will need a outer swim cap. The bubble crepe chin strap caps work best. They have a inner sponge seal band and adjustable chin strap. The trick is getting one in your proper head size. Yes they come in sizes, small (about 19 inches around the head at the forehead) Medium (about 20-21 inches) and large (22 inches and over) long and full hair styles may require a large cap which is really the "standard" size bubble cap sold on most web sites, You will have to search for the small and medium sizes. "Hint try goggleing bubble swim cap Canada"

Slip the outer bubble cap on and make sure its pulled low. Adjust the strap and ... swim! If a small amount of water seeps into your ears ,a pair of ear plugs will seal that out. Or just raise the caps edge now and then. Bottom line your hair should be a lot dryer then with a single latex raceing type cap or silicon cap. Many swimmers will find this cap combo to work really well and save a lot of time with hair conditioning and drying to get out of the locker room.. So much time that they may actually find time to SWIM!